Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Food Glorious Food

I like to cook, Mike and I both like to eat. These are good things. I love to go through magazines and food sites to find new recipes to try, and I do that regularly. I keep them in file folders sorted by type (Beef/Pork, Chicken, Pasta, Soup, Salad etc) so that when they have a sale on, say, ground beef I can find recipes that might possibly include ground beef. Aren't I the organized one? Some of the things we try are a hit, some a dismal failure, some are just so-so. I only keep the recipes that we really liked, and these go into a 3-ring binder so I can find them again. That binder is a great thing - when I need to find something that I know we like I look in there.

Why is it that some recipes SOUND so good.... but don't TASTE so good? I made one last week that I really thought was going to be spectacular. Chicken, sun dried tomato pesto, and fettuccine. The first bite was amazing, but by the fourth bite it was far less successful. It would probably be a great appetizer, but as far as a main course? Not so good.

Last night's was a keeper. A crust of Bisquick and sharp chedder rolled out and then formed around a filling of ground beef, corn, hot salsa and more cheddar. YUM. A keeper. Tonight I'm trying out pasta with asparagus, parmesan, and pine nuts. We'll see.


Connordog said...

Oh that sounds really good!!!! You know if you check out Angela's blog on my page she's got TONS of great recipes! I love cooking too, but it's not so good for the waistline :)

Lizz said...

TELL me about it! I've never had much of a waist to start with, and I carry all my weight in my tummy.... I'm looking a bit like the Michelin man these days! Need to get that puppy here to get me moving!