Sunday, May 25, 2008

Entering the Blog-o-sphere

Well here I am!  People keep telling me that I MUST get a blog.  Usually I resist anything that people tell me I MUST do.... but I decided to go for it.  I am going to have to become seriously more interesting however, or nobody will ever visit me!   Let's see.....  I'm 49, a fact that shocks me each and every time I say it aloud.  I mean how DID this happen to me?  How did I get wrinkles and age spots and cellulite and those HUGE thighs?  It TOTALLY crept up on me.  TOTALLY.  I've been married for 22 year to THE best man in the universe.  He's patient and caring, smart and funny, and I am so lucky that he chose me to go through life with.  Our son Rob is 19.  He is a really talented artist, but discovered that art school (SCAD) was not the right path for him.  He amazed even himself by discovering that he wanted to read a book, have a discussion, do homework!  So he's going to start at University of North Florida next month.  He also works at the Apple store which he LOVES.  Mike's daughter Keli is 33 and married with 3 of the world's best kids.  No really, they are.  What?  You say ALL grandparents say that?  Well meet mine and I dare you to argue that fact!    Keli's husband is a Navy officer and currently deployed, altho he will be coming home next month.  

We live in Jacksonville, Florida.  I hate Florida.  Don't get me wrong, Jacksonville is a nice place, and if it were in .... say..... Maine I'd love it.  I hate hot weather and I love snow.  Perhaps you see the problem developing?  I moved here with my first husband in August, 1983.  I've been trying to get OUT of Florida since ... oh... August, 1983.  ::sigh::    But luckily we have a vacation home in the mountains of Western North Carolina.  I LOVE it there.  It's so beautiful and peaceful and COOL.  Also, my in-laws have a place there too.  I'm one of the lucky people who adores her in-laws.  Mike's mom has become a mother to me in the absence of my own and is a wonderful constant in my life.

I love animals, I love music, I love reading and playing on the computer.  I love hydrangeas, the smell of lemons, and scented body lotions and candles.  I'm short, I'm a little overweight and I need to get back on track with my yoga practice.  So there you are!  ME!  In a nutshell.  Come and say hello!


b said...

Hi Lizz,
It was great to read your blog and I think it rocks that I'm the first to post a comment! We went to NC for about 5 days during the middle of was a lifesaver to me. It was absolutely beautiful...2 mornings it was 41 and 42 degrees. Rained at night, gorgeous blue skies during the day. Hiked every day but one. Gnome is doing great, I brush her teeth almost daily, clean her nose buggers, wipe her eye snot and love her and sing to her daily. She's doing great. Talk with you later!

Debra said...
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Angela said...

Hi Lizz!

Happy blogging! You'll love it!

Angela, Tucker and Sinjun @RB (from K9L)

Connordog said...

Welcome to the world of blogging!

sibtigre2 said...


Susan & Tori
& Jack @ RB