Thursday, July 15, 2010

Random Thursday Musings

They are having an estate sale down the street. I'm puzzled by this because, frankly, don't you always think of an estate sale as what happens when the nice old lady down the street finally dies, and nobody wants to sort thru her heaps of stuff and find homes for her cats? No? Really? Because I totally do. Anyway, the people that I saw coming and going out of this particular house weren't old, I don't recall ever even talking to them as they weren't into neighborhood fun and always skipped the block party. Really the only reason that I paid any attention to them at all is because of the color they chose to paint their house. Picture a cross between sea foam green and aqua. Yep. Hideous. I mean really? We can only hope that the next people to move in have better taste in exterior paint.

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Connordog said...


They call anything and everything an "estate" sale now. Draws in a higher level of clientele :)