Monday, July 12, 2010

Vacation. Or Something LIke It

We are back from our second jaunt to our vacation house in the western North Carolina mountains. The only problem with a vacation house is that it is still your house. Which means that you are still cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, and tidying up..... you are just doing it in a less convenient spot. Usually NC is worth it because we can escape the near paralyzing Florida heat and humidity. Mother Nature, however, was apparently PMSing, and decided that it could be hot and muggy up there too. So sitting out on the deck with a book became far less pleasurable. We cranked up the window unit a/c, but that truly has a limited ability to cool an entire house, not to mention that it was not unlike sleeping with a Boeing 747 revving its engine in the bedroom with us. That sucker is LOUD. I'm thankful that we have it..... I just hated that we needed to use it.

Still, even with all my grousing about it, there really isn't anywhere else quite like that. It's secluded, 30 minutes to the nearest grocery store or restaurant, and there is no need to get dressed up or wear makeup. Which, to me, is Heaven. We've had some people go up there who decided that it was closer to Hell however, since they had in mind shopping, going out to eat and whatnot. All of which you CAN do up there, you just have to drive a bit to accomplish it.

So I've gotten home, and the house has been cleaned up, the mail and newspapers sorted, the groceries bought and put away, the cats loved on and cuddled with. Life is good.

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