Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ssssscat Device

Scccat is a motion sensitive device that sprays a stream of air when it senses something moving nearby. Somecat is peeing where somecat ought not pee here at Casa Wodrich. I haven't caught the culprit yet, but there are a couple of spots that get hit on a regular
basis, so I bought two of those Sssscat things. First time I set one
off it scared the beejeezus out of me let me tell ya!! It's quite ..... exuberant!

So far I have seen Worm, Taft and Goat fleeing after being Ssssscat-ed. Last night,
however, I had one placed in front of the door to the bathroom where
the foster kittens are. Apparently HRH Princess Lizzie wanted to enter
their room. The device sprayed at her. She flattened her ears, but
held her ground. She moved forward and it sprayed her again. That was
it. She lifted a Royal Paw and shot putted the Ssssscat clear across
the room! The, head held high, she fluffed in and hissed at the
kittens. I was howling with laughter. There is nothing quite as
fearless as a female Scottish Fold to begin with, but Lizzie takes the


Connordog said...

That's awesome Lizz!!!

Janyne Kizer said...

Too funny!

Lizz said...

HRH is quite a character. And not the least bit amused by these hissing intruders in HER house!